Guest  Speakers 

We welcome the following supporters of our programme who have kindly volunteered to share their personal leadership story with our cohort.

Rachel Steenson

Seamus Cushley

Sharon Moore

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The course equips participants with the knowledge and behavioural insights required for successful leadership, embedding and functionalising new learnings as real world behaviour and action. You will join a small cohort from diverse organisations and will enrich your learning through shared experiences and collaboration.

Key Learning Intentions

During the programme, participants will work individually and collaboratively to:

  • Accelerate leadership potential and embrace a ‘leader as learner’ mindset​

  • Explore strategies to understand and engage more effectively with team members and stakeholders​

  • Refine interpersonal communication and presentation skills​

  • Identify and respond to challenges within the team and organisation​

  • Leverage the combined expertise of peers to progress individual and collective growth​

  • Collaborate to deliver a team project for the women in digital community


Programme Modules

Segmented into five key modules, Women Transforming Digital Leadership engages participants in a detailed exploration around the fundamentals of leadership and management, focusing on individual drivers and derailers.

  1. The power of connection, trust and relationships

  2. Self-awareness – drivers, strengths and what holds you back

  3. Emotional intelligence and working with others

  4. Leadership styles, managing through change and optimizing your impact

  5. Teamwork and community

Participant Experience

Women Transforming Digital Leadership immerses participants in a multilayered development journey designed to ensure maximum individual impact.


This programme is delivered in an online, interactive format, using the virtual meeting features of Zoom technology; including breakout rooms, shared whiteboards and online group discussions. Two professional leadership facilitators are used throughout our workshops to make sure we maintain high levels of personal engagement.

  • Learning readiness - one-to-one call with Programme Leader

  • Self-assessment​

  • Virtual workshop half-days x4

  • Guest industry speakers sharing leadership stories

  • Self-directed learning modules between workshops

  • Coaching workbook and questionnaire

  • Three individual coaching sessions at different stages of the programme

  • Team collaboration project for the Northern Ireland digital community

  • Virtual project presentation to wider network, sponsors and community

  • On completion all participants will receive a BCS certificate


Team Collaboration Project for Northern Ireland

In conjunction with the various course elements, participants will undertake a Team Collaboration Project. The purpose of this is to deepen and extend the courses learning outcomes and for the participant to extend the portfolio of evidence around their capability.


This aims and scope of this project will be decided by BCS NI working in partnership with local organisations and programme sponsors/supporters. Participants will be seen to be delivering something of lasting value to the Northern Ireland digital community. The project will provide opportunities for the participant to consolidate and demonstrate new skills.

Project Ideas:

  • create a NI 'umbrella' group to collaborate and share experience on digital transformation 

  • identify ways to increase recruitment and retention of women into IT and digital roles

  • how to use digital and virtual methods (post-COVID19) to enable collaboration and connections across different sectors and/or job roles (eg. virtual teams, stakeholders etc)


Programme Map

From self-paced, individual learning to interactive group development, the course immerses participants in a vibrant, multifaceted learning experience. Interacting with peers across a range of mediums, participants gain diverse insights and build powerful new connections.


Download a printable PDF programme brochure here.

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All half-day workshops are from 09:00 to 12:30

Workplace Participant Sponsor

Each participant will be encouraged to identify a workplace sponsor who will support them during the course. The primary role of the sponsor will be to act as a sounding board for thoughts and ideas and to help ensure the participant feels supported and energised during the course. In many cases the role of workplace sponsor naturally falls to the participant’s manager however this also presents an opportunity to connect and share ideas with another senior colleague. We will plan a virtual call for sponsors to fully brief them on expectations.

Pricing and Enrolment

Pricing are as follows and include VAT @20% and Eventbrite fees:

£820  (BCS members)          

£845 (non-BCS members)


or, with VAT split out:

£683.33 +VAT (BCS members)

£704.17 +VAT (non-BCS members)

(Please contact BCS if you wish to use a purchase order at as Eventbrite only accepts credit/debit card payments)

Places are limited to a maximum of 24

Workshop times/dates are fixed as follows:-

9am-12:30pm on Thu 8th Oct, Thu 22nd Oct, Thu 5th Nov, Thu 19th Nov

This programme is based on the proven Empowering Women and Top Talent leadership programmes that have been delivered over 11 times in the last 5 years by the Empowering You team. Hear what our alumni have said about the previous programmes here.


We look forward to welcoming you on this life-changing programme!

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