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We're working with you to create empowered leaders with the mindset, skills and confidence to make a bigger difference in their communities and organisations.

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Empowering You are catalysts for positive change. ​We are a lively, innovative group of  change leaders, coaches, trainers and facilitators who will empower you to shape your own future. The team have extensive experience in complex organisations, having held a variety of key leadership and training roles. We all enjoy challenging fixed mindsets, out-of-date processes and cultural inertia to unleash the power of the individual, the team and the organisation.


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At Empowering You we deliver blended learning and development journeys. Based on your business objectives, we will co-design a programme to bring about the desired outcome for you, your team or organisation. Previous participants and clients have highlighted the key differentiators of our programmes as being:

  1. the integration of 1-1 coaching to embed learning; through action and accountability

  2. the highly experiential nature of our workshops

  3. the support and shared experience of a cohort of fellow professionals and leaders

  4. the effective use of co-facilitators to bring different perspectives, styles and focus to the learning

  5. the involvement of senior leader speakers and experienced mentors  

We offer regional and national open programmes that offer participants the opportunity to network, share experience

and learn from each other in a safe and facilitated group setting. These are open

to participants from any organisation. Details of current programmes are here.

We also offer bespoke leadership and talent development journeys

for single organisations. Some examples of key modules include:

  • self-awareness as the basis for learning and development

  • challenging limiting beliefs and improving leadership behaviours

  • transitioning from being a manager (task-oriented) to a leader (people-oriented)

  • using different leadership styles and learning how to adapt to change, complexity and uncertainty

  • building confidence and optimising your impact

  • body language, communication and influencing skills

  • strategic networking

  • team collaboration on a project with a significant business outcome (set by sponsor)



At Empowering You we focus on people, their leadership capability and potential. Our aim is to inspire, motivate and empower you to become your best self and optimise your impact. We believe the key to success is building trust, empathy and the power of choice into all human relationships.








We help you to make change stick. Traditional training can often lose its impact and value soon after a course finishes. Our proven approach aims to make all changes  powerful and sustained, empowering leaders to become more confident and effective. How do we do this? 

  • we create a learning  journey for all participants over several months

  • this journey is  blend of group workshops, individual coaching and team collaboration 

  • we focus on building trust and a safe space for people to get out of their comfort zone

  • we address limiting beliefs and help you open up to new possibilities and choices

  • we use applied neuroscience to build higher levels of emotional intelligence

  • through fun and experiential workshops we create the optimum environment for learning

  • we invite guest senior leaders as speakers to add different perspectives and share their personal experiences

Our approach can be summarised into these core elements:


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