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Who We Are

Empowering You is a diverse team of change leaders, coaches and facilitators who share a passion for unlocking the full potential of leaders and building engaged communities.

What We Stand For

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to build an empowered community of diverse, authentic and confident leaders who can inspire a meaningful and sustainable cultural shift that benefits their organisation, wider industry and society at large. 

Our Values


Authenticity in leadership is our mantra - be true to who you are. Honesty and trust are the building blocks of any relationship, so we strive to practice what we preach and be authentic with everyone we engage with.


The success of everything we do hinges on collaboration. Finding a common cause and striving to achieve it. Whether that's working with clients and partners to achieve positive change or creating a trusted environment for our participants to forge their own group dynamic; collaboration and community building is what we do.


Inclusivity in leadership is key to driving positive cultural change and at the heart of all our programs.

Meet Our Team

Empowering You are catalysts for positive change. ​We are a lively, innovative group of change leaders, coaches, trainers and facilitators who will empower you to shape your own future.

Steve Cliff | Director, Facilitator & Coach
Chris Woodcock | Director
Nathalie Britten | Facilitator & Coach
Ruth Fraser | Coach
Sue Saker | Coach
Maria Arredondo | Coach

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We can all overcome fears and change habits that no longer serve us. Tass Smith, a graduate from the Empowering Women programme shares a part of her personal journey:

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Kerry Thorneycroft, a project management team leader at Aberdeenshire Council was one of 10 guest speakers at the 'Empowering Women Inspiration Day' hosted at Leeds City Council on 6th February 2019. Here is an extract of her story:

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