Empowering You are catalysts for positive change. ​We are a lively, innovative group of  change leaders, coaches, trainers and facilitators who will empower you to shape your own future. The team have extensive experience in complex organisations, having held a variety of key leadership and training roles. We all enjoy challenging fixed mindsets, out-of-date processes and cultural inertia to unleash the power of the individual, the team and the organisation. 



Trainer and Facilitator

Debbie is a certified HBDI (Whole Brain Thinking) practitioner and specialises in leadership and diversity training, with an emphasis on helping participants increase their self awareness and professional impact. Her work includes the delivery of an award winning programme for women with executive potential in a major IT company. Her focus is on helping people to challenge their beliefs and assumptions in order to reach their full potential.

Debbie enjoys a number of active (and expensive!) hobbies including sailing, skiing and scuba diving. Her aim is to find the perfect holiday destination that caters for all three.


Coach, Trainer and Facilitator

In his career Steve has spent 28 years with a global IT company (IBM); learning through roles in marketing, sales and training that ultimately success is all about people and effective leadership. He has been a professional leadership coach since 2014 and has created a Leadership Academy for a public sector membership organisation (Socitm). He has designed and delivered many national leadership programmes, engaging a high quality team of change leaders, coaches, trainers and facilitators in the process. This has evolved to become the Empowering You partnership.  


Steve enjoys the risky hobby of wild mushroom foraging and has also recently discovered the terrifying pleasure of performing on the stage in musical theatre.



CIO, Coach and Mentor

Steve is both a leadership coach and an IT change director.  He is a digital and ICT strategy consultant with experience from both private and public sectors, a former CIO and President of Socitm and has been ranked on both the UK’s top Digital 100 and CIO 100 lists. 

Steve is also a professionally qualified and experienced leadership coach with 9 years of coaching and mentoring experience, across a range of professions.

Steve enjoys the rich variety of life, playing tennis, climbing mountains and falling asleep while watching arty films.


Project Manager, Coach and Facilitator


Certified project manager, facilitator and coach, Laurence is passionate about developing happy and successful teams. She combines her 20 years of corporate experience and her coaching skills to support individuals and teams thrive by building trust and confidence.  Managing change is also a topic close to her heart and she delivers bespoke programmes to create sustainable changes in organisation and in people's lives.


Married, she is a proud mother of 2 kids who inspire her and make her life full of surprises. 


Laurence is based in Geneva, Switzerland and she speaks French, English and Dutch.





Sue is a certified individual and couples coach. She loves working with clients to help them find out who they really are and how they want to live their lives for maximum fulfilment, connection and joy. Sue is a strong advocate of self-care, discovering inner confidence and helping clients to find more ease in their lives. 


Sue is married with 2 children and yet fits in many hobbies. In particular she enjoys NIA dance, yoga and running slowly. Sue has also recently taken up the ukulele, with singing, and is loving it - even if her family are not so keen! 

 Amie Crews

Coach & Facilitator

Amie is an experienced leadership development professional and coach who has over 15 years’ experience working in the culture change environment.  Amie’s style is friendly and down to earth, enabling her clients to gain a much deeper understanding of themselves, whilst challenging them to reach their full potential.  Her passion is supporting people to evolve their mindsets, focusing on what’s possible,  and then helping them to make it happen.  She loves the variety of her work across a range of professions and sectors. 

Amie is a wife, mum, dog-parent and also a keen(ish) runner. In her spare time, she loves nothing more than browsing in farm shops and food markets – freshly baked bread is her vice!

Nicky Chambers



Nicky is a courageous and inspirational Leadership and Career Coach and Mentor, whose expertise has been built during a 25-year career spanning diverse industries and sectors.

Her experience covers business, entrepreneurship and the cultural and creative industries. As a founder and director of several ventures, Nicky draws on her own passion for authenticity in her coaching to create courageous and transformational leaders, and works supportively with individuals through times of transition, challenge and growth.

Working collaboratively with clients in an open-minded and aspirational process, Nicky enables them to unlock their potential and be their best selves. By creating a fresh perspective, she empowers her clients to see opportunities and have the courage to go for them, deepening their impact and driving transformational change.

Nicky likes dancing, in fact she loves dancing. She loves travelling and she loves her small French Bulldog Piggy and Big Fat Bertie, her Ragdoll Cat only slightly less than her 3 grown up daughters who are very grounded and an absolute force to be reckoned with. 

Gill How

Leadership Coach and Facilitator

Gill is a Leadership Developer and Master Executive Coach with a strong interest and background in change management. Her passion is helping professionals to stretch and grow, enabling them to discover for themselves that their communication, interpersonal and leadership skills can be a strong part of their offer; just as much as their knowledge and technical expertise. She likes to work closely with client organisations and is excited by large projects where investment in people development catalyses a shift in culture and an improvement in results.


A large part of Gill’s heart is in travel where she can learn from different cultures. This year she'll be  backpacking around SE Asia with her family, where she hopes to see the Irrawaddy Dolphin hiding on the border of Cambodia and Laos in the Mekong River.