Empowering You are catalysts for positive change. ​We are a lively, innovative group of  change leaders, coaches, trainers and facilitators who will empower you to shape your own future. The team have extensive experience in complex organisations, having held a variety of key leadership and training roles. We all enjoy challenging fixed mindsets, out-of-date processes and cultural inertia to unleash the power of the individual, the team and the organisation. 


Steve Cliff

Director, Facilitator and Coach


In his career Steve has spent 28 years with a global IT company (IBM); learning through roles in marketing, sales and training that ultimately success is all about people and effective leadership. He has been a professional leadership coach since 2014 and has created a Leadership Academy for a public sector membership organisation (Socitm). He has designed and delivered many national leadership programmes, engaging a high quality team of change leaders, coaches, trainers and facilitators in the process. Steve is passionate about diversity and inclusion and loves to work with anyone who has an 'always learning' mindset.  

Steve enjoys the risky hobby of wild mushroom foraging and has also recently discovered the terrifying pleasure of performing on the stage in amateur musical theatre.

Nathalie Britten

Coach and Facilitator

Nathalie is a challenging and empowering coach with an extensive background in the executive education sector. As a Leadership Development Coach Nathalie is passionate about working with executives who want to step-up their game as they transition into more senior roles. Her straight-talking yet supportive curiosity allows them to grow their leadership skills through better awareness of themselves and the impact they have on their teams, colleagues, management and other stakeholders.

Nathalie ultimate goal is to empower individuals to have the confidence and freedom to be themselves; to excel at what they do and to inspire others to do the same.


Having lived in Belgium, South Africa, Switzerland and the UK, Nathalie and her husband of 25 years enjoy travelling and exploring the great outdoors. 


Laura Thomas

Coach and Facilitator

Laura is an infectious and engaging facilitator with a wide range of professional and entrepreneurial experience that spans across learning, sales and marketing. She brings joy and enthusiasm to the process of self-development and is a natural storyteller.


Starting her career at IBM as a graduate and developing early-stage professionals, Laura is passionate about supporting individuals at all levels to think bigger and be bold with what they can achieve, igniting their inner leader. 


Laura is an advocate for wellbeing, having previously launched her own health coaching practice and has written 100’s of articles for a global audience. 


In her spare time, Laura enjoys all forms of Ballroom and Latin dancing. With a keen interest in health, she is often found experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.

Lotta Olsson

Coach and Facilitator

Lotta is a playful and passionate coach who loves helping clients discover new opportunities. Working with mind and body she helps clients get crystal clear on the leader they are becoming and how to develop the mindset, confidence and behaviours needed to make the shift happen. She has coached Entrepreneurs and Professionals within global organisations from a wide range of industries such as Tech, Finance, Healthcare and Media. She has also set up coaching support for underrepresented entrepreneurs as part of the OneTech Project, working to change the face of Startups.


Lotta is curious about personal development and loves exploring and trying new things. As a proud plant mom she found 2020 to be a great opportunity to grow seeds, now housing tomatoes, chillies and passion fruit vines. She also serves as a mentor for University students, helping to build confidence and explore career opportunities.

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Sue is a certified individual and couples coach. She loves working with clients to help them find out who they really are and how they want to live their lives for maximum fulfilment, connection and joy. Sue is a strong advocate of self-care, discovering inner confidence and helping clients to find more ease in their lives. 


Sue is married with 2 children and yet fits in many hobbies. In particular she enjoys NIA dance, yoga and running slowly. Sue has also recently taken up the ukulele, with singing, and is loving it - even if her family are not so keen!